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Kidney failure

Kidney failure (KF) is a term for a medical condition where the person's kidneys do not do a sufficient job in filtering certain things out of his blood. One of the things that it can lead to is anasarca. Keep in mind that there are both acute and chronic forms of KF, and the items mentioned on this page may refer to either one, or both.


A wide range of medical symptoms can be seen in people who are going through kidney failure. For instance, they may have itchiness. Cramping of the muscles is also a possibility. Nausea and vomiting are both possible. The person might experience diarrhea. Various things can affect the urine and the person's pattern of urinating. For example, blood may be found in the urine. Its color may be different than normal. The person might have to urinate more or less often than before, or go during the night.

Polycystic kidney disease, or PKD, can also be a sign that KF is present. This may lead to pain that is felt in the person's back or his side. A feeling of weakness can affect the individual. Dizziness is also a possibility. Low blood pressure is another thing that he might go through. Unusual rhythms of the heart might be noticed. Swelling issues, such as anasarca, can also become present as the kidneys do not remove extra fluid.

Medical causes

The reason behind kidney failure can be different from one case to the next. In particular, causes of this condition can vary based on whether the situation is acute or chronic. For instance, an acute case may be due to something such as an injury, or may come as a complication of particular types of surgical procedures (where, for lengthy periods of time, the kidneys do not receive a typical flow of blood).

A frequent cause of the chronic form is diabetes. High blood pressure which is not controlled and lasts for a long period of time is also often the reason behind the chronic form of KF. Additionally, polycystic kidney disease may lead to chronic kidney failure. In some cases, a genetic disease can be what is affecting the patient's kidneys, leading to KF.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Talk with a medical doctor for information on diagnostic methods, as well as how a case of kidney failure might be treated.

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