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Heart failure

Heart failure (HF) is a medical situation in which the person's heart is not able to provide an adequate flow of blood as required by his body. This condition is also known at times by the name of congestive heart failure. It is something that can lead to anasarca.


A person with HF may show various medical symptoms. For instance, the person might experience dyspnea, which is commonly referred to as shortness of breath, or sometimes as having a sense of breathlessness. Heart murmurs may also show up; these are additional sounds produced by the beating heart which occur due to a rough flow of blood. The patient might need to urinate often during the night. Dizziness is another symptom that might affect a patient who has this condition. Liver enlargement is another thing that may come as a result. Anasarca, of course, is one of the other symptoms that may appear.

These items may show up in different forms of heart failure, and may also be noted at different times in the disease's course. Additionally, this list is not even close to complete. Beyond that, these medical signs and symptoms can be caused by other issues, and are not necessarily indicative of HF. Please get in touch with a doctor for information that is professional in its quality, as this page is not a substitute for that.


There are plenty of issues that can lead to heart failure. One possibility, which seems to be the most common cause overall, is ischemic heart disease. High blood pressure is another potential medical reason. Additionally, valvular heart disease may be behind a case of heart failure, particularly among people who are older. However, there are many other medical reasons that can be behind HF. Simply having none of these listed above does not mean that a patient does not have the condition, or will not develop it.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Various sets of criteria are used to try to diagnose this situation, but there is no particular one that is commonly thought of as being the preferred option. As far as testing is concerned, there are various methods available, with imaging being a possibility in the use of echocardiography, as well as X-rays. Blood testing can be done to check various things such as liver and kidney function, and more. Electrocardiography is one of the other methods that may be used.

After a doctor has made a diagnosis, he may prescribe a particular avenue of treatment. Things such as taking care of underlying causes, reducing advancement of heart failure, and providing relief for symptoms may be considered.

Additional information

Feel free to read more about anasarca, or specifically on other possible causes of it.

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