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Anasarca is a general swelling in the body, considered a massive edema, and is brought on when there is a fluid build up in the tissue. It is a different medical condition than a slight swelling at particular areas of the body.


Along with the general swelling found in anasarca, some of the other possible symptoms may include:

Pain (in the swollen area)
Difficulty urinating (if on the male genitals)


Some potential underlying medical conditions behind the fluid build up which leads to the swelling in anasarca may include:

Congestive heart failure
Eclampsia / Pre-eclampsia
Exogenous IV fluid administration
Hookworm (Ancylostomiasis)
Liver failure from cirrhosis of the liver
Particular plant-based anti-cancer chemotherapy agents
Kidney disease
Kidney failure
POEMS syndrome
Severe malnutrition
Severe protein deficiency
Systemic amyloidosis
Systemic capillary leak syndrome (Clarkson syndrome)

You can continue reading additional information on some potential anasarca causes.


Diagnosis of anasarca is made by a medical professional or doctor. The condition is sometimes known as leucophlegmatia. Medical history information may be requested, and certain questions may be asked of the patient. A physical examination may include tests such as the following (which may be used for different forms of swelling):

Albumin blood
Blood electrolyte levels
Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
Kidney function
Liver function

Additional tests may also be used, and tests may also be given for suspected underlying medical causes. To read more details on some possible diagnostic options, continue to the diagnosis page.


Treatment may vary based upon the underlying medical condition, the patient, and other factors. Some possible treatments that may be prescribed include: taking fluids and avoiding things such as diuretics, salt, and water pills.

Information on swelling in general, rather than only in anasarca cases, can be found on the swelling page.

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